Insider Cloth Microfiber Cleaning Wipes, 5 Pack
Insider Cloth Microfiber Cleaning Wipes, 5 Pack
Insider Cloth Microfiber Cleaning Wipes, 5 Pack
Insider Cloth Microfiber Cleaning Wipes, 5 Pack
Best Microfiber Cloth For Sunglasses & Phone Screens

Insider Cloth Microfiber Cleaning Wipes, 5 Pack


Keep Eyeglasses and Touchscreens Free of Dirt and Oils with a Travel-Ready Insider Cloth

When you wear glasses or sunglasses you know how quickly they can get smudged up due to dirt and oil on your skin or eyelashes, being active outdoors or in the gym, or simply taking them on or off regularly. And taking a microfiber cleaning cloth with you isn’t always easy; especially if you don’t have pockets or the extra space. That’s why we designed the first-ever Insider Cloth, a microfiber cleaning cloth that irons on to the underside of your shirt or top and lets you quickly clean your glasses, smartphone screen, tablet or even smart watch no matter where you go or what you’re doing.

On-the-Go Cleaning Made Simple

The Insider Cloth was designed to help free up your life and give you more clarity with whatever you’re doing. Along with cleaning glasses or sunglasses our cleaning cloths are ideal for photographers with camera lenses, smartphones used for Instagram pictures, and anyone who just needs to keep touchscreens clean and responsive

Completely Unnoticeable Design

One of the best things about the Insider Cloth is that it’s safe on your fabrics and irons on underneath the edge making it completely invisible. You or your kids simply need to flip up the edge of your shirt or garment, clean your glasses or item quickly, and that’s it. No mess, no fuss, and no worrying about filling those pockets with extra stuff.

Product Details:

  • Ultra-Soft Microfiber Cloth (5 Pack)
  • Convenient Iron-On Design
  • Gentle, Safe, and Non-Damaging
  • Designed for Portable Use
  • Lasts Up to 100 Wash Cycles
  • Dimensions: 3.5” x 3.5”
  • Available in Black or White
  • Not Usable on Nylon, Rayon, or Rain Jacket-style Garments

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